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Oasis Point of Use Water Coolers (Bottled Water Coolers, Bottleless Water Coolers) Tyler, Longview & East Texas

poud-cooler.jpgQWET will offer alternatives to bottle water in the home or office setting. These Cook and cool untis provide before cold and hot filtered water in any point of use area. Providing water solutions in the East Texas areas is how we help our customers find clean water solutions.

The biggest risk for reusing bottles is that bacteria could develop in the bottle between uses. Thus some elect to clean the interior with warm/hot soapy water and let it fully dry before re-filling. Reusing single-use bottles is a common domestic practice that does cut down on landfill waste.

Oasis "pure-on-demand" Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Coolers offer the highest qualify filtered water, hot or cold, 24 hours a day, and eliminate the hassle of storing and changing heavy bottles, or the waste of throwing away millions of disposable plastic bottles. These units are easily connected directly to your existing water lines. Many come with the environmentally friendly system, which will insure you always enjoy pure, clean, and great tasting refreshment.

Please research the links below to see the varies specifications in point of use water coolers. QWET has choosen to best serve our community in the East Texas area with friendly water solutions. Oasis provides a wide variety of Environmentally-Friendly and Energy-Efficient solutions to choose from. Our new Energy and Water Conservation water coolers save you money and at the same time use less water and energy for your installation.

Atlantis Series

Nautica Round Series