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Iron & Sulfur Water Solutions, Tyler, Longview & East Texas

img-ironbreaker.jpgThe Iron Breaker 3 unit, along with our Ph adjusting media tank, is the latest technology for removal of iron and sulfur from your water. The chemical-free unit uses oxygen concentrated in the tank to help oxidize higher levels of iron and sulfur from your water.

This unit uses a patented air injection system built into the control head for building a compressed air bubble inside the tank. This super oxidizes the iron and sulfur as it enters the tank, then traps it in the filter media to be flushed off down the drain.

This system out performs the pyrolox and greensand units in many cases and is the answer to your tough water problems! It has built-in air injection and a built-in check valve, comes with bypass valve and an easy-to-program digital control head!

The Iron Breaker 3 is latest technology in iron and sulfur filtration.

This system uses air injection along with the high rejection filox media for removal of very high levels of iron and sulfur.